Winter is finally leaving us!

Now is the time to prepare your home to list on the market. Currently there is a shortage of homes for sale, we need your listing! Here's some tips to help you get ready to put your home on the market.


Curb appeal ready. You want prospective buyers to say "Wow" as soon as drive up.

Landscaping should be weed free.Plant colorful flowers or shrubs, if needed, to spruce it up.

Do necessary repairs to windows, doors, decks and porches. There should be no peeling paint, windows washed and stain the decks/porches.


Easiest and cheapest improvement is to clean your home thoroughly. Remember, future homeowners will look in cabinets and closets.

If there have been pets or smokers in the home , get rid of the odors. 

Paint neutral colors and/or do touch ups,  just to refresh the home.

Shampoo or replace stained or worn carpet.

Replace light bulbs, the brighter the better in darker areas of your home.

Call us when you are ready to list. We'll get your home listed as soon as possible and see that you get the best price for your home.